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Album Review - Lloyd, "King Of Hearts"

Track by Track:

1. Intro (MDMA) featuring Game - (N/A)

I'm not going to give a review for this song because its a very short intro which only featuring Game.

2. Dedication To My Ex (Miss That) featuring Andre 3000 and Lil Wayne - (1.5/5)

First, I just want to say that i'm thrilled that Andre 3000 is making a comeback.  He also appears on a song on Beyonce's new album, "4."  His part may be the only decent thing in this mess of a song.  The lyrics are pretty silly.  Sometimes that works on a hip hop/rap song, but it did not work on this one.  The concept of the song will most likely turn off Lloyd's general female fan-base.  Lil Wayne disappoints on this track as well.

3. Cupid featuring Awesome Jones - (4/5)

The song starts off with a pretty sweet beats.  You think it is gonna be a club banger, but it turns out to be a very sweet love song.  This song is the antithesis of the previous song.  Lloyd's female fan-base will go crazy about this one.  I love the lyrics especially on the verses.  The chorus even reminds me of something that the late King of Pop Michael Jackson would record.

4. Luv Me Girl featuring Chris Brown and Vega - (3/5)

This song has a very different vibe to it.  It reminds me of some of the songs off of Chris Brown's newest album, "F.A.M.E."  After the song gets started and Lloyd starts singing, I really like the beat, lyrics, and the flow.  Chris Brown adds a solid verse as he usually does.  I would actually prefer him to record the entire song by himself.  I prefer the tone of his voice of Lloyds.  Vega adds a verse and a part in the chorus which sounds fine.  All in all, this is another good club record.

5. Naked - (3.5/5)

I really think it would benefit Lloyd a great deal to get rid of the garbage which plays at the beginning of this song, as well as some of the others.  The song is great after all of this excess sound dissipates.  It is a very sexy and fun song.  This is exactly what Lloyd's fans expect from him.

6. Jigsaw - (4/5)

This is an old school, 1990's RnB slow jam, which I love!  This is probably my favorite song from the album so far.  *Suggestion - Do a remix with some rappers (Lil Wayne or Nicki Minaj) and singers (Rihanna or Ciara).  This reminds me a lot of Young Money's hit song with Lloyd, "Bedrock."*  This could really turn this into a huge hit.  It is not quite there yet though.

7. Bang featuring Titi Boy and Salo - (2/5)

Again I must say that the background noise in the beginning is very annoying and unnecessary.  The rap verse in the beginning is also unnecessary to me.  I would have started the song with Lloyd's part and put the verse later in the song.  The song's hook is not strong or catchy enough.

8. Be The One featuring Trey Songz and Young Jeezy - (3.5/5)

Once again, the song starts with some awkward vocals at the beginning from someone else.  The song would start off much better without them.  Otherwise, this is a pretty good song.  The chorus/hook is quite strong and catchy.  I can see this song appealing to a female audience as well as the club crowd.  So far, this album is all about grinding in the club.  Trey Songz and Young Jeezy add to the sexiness of the song.  This has the potential to be a hit for the trio.

9. Shake It 4 Daddy - (2/5)

My first thought is that it sounds quite outdated.  Then I hear that weird voice at the beginning again.  After it goes away, I like the song more as usual.  This one is geared more to a male audience.  I don't think it has the potential to be a hit without a remix.  I can see Drake adding a verse to this and making it much more hot.

10. Lay It Down - (3/5)

I love the beat at the beginning of the song.  It makes me think of old school R. Kelly songs.  The lyrics aren't quite new or fresh, but the song has a pretty awesome vibe to it.  "Lay It Down" is a very pretty and melodic song which could also benefit with a remix featuring a rapper.  I would suggest up-and-comer Big Sean.

11. Angel - (5/5)

By this point in the album, most of the songs are starting to all sound the same.  "Angel" really changes this though.  Lloyd moves away from the sexy slow jam genre and moves into more of a pop ballad.  This is my favorite track on the album.  It really showcases Lloyd's potential to be a huge pop artist.  This should 100 percent be released as a single.  It is perfect for radio!

12. This Is 4 My Baby - (4/5)

Now we are back to the same sexy slow jam vibe.  This one is a lot better than the rest.  Lloyd melodies are perfect in this strongly produced song.  I think that this song would do very well on the RnB charts.  It isn't a smash, but its quite good.

13. You 2 - (4/5)

I was expecting this song to once again sound the same as the others, but this song is more in the vein of "Angel."  This is a very sweet and beautiful song that has a great message.  What is odd is that Lloyd has two personas on this album.  In songs such as this he is a sweet innocent boy looking for love.  This is a stark difference from songs on the album such as "Dedication To My Ex (Miss That)."  Not sure which audience he is really going after with this odd mix of songs.  I think his main probably is that he has yet to find his true persona.  He needs to decide which of these he wants to be so he can focus all of his energy on it.

14. World Cry featuring R. Kelly, Keri Hilson, and K Naan - (1/5)

Lloyd obviously has a thing for Michael Jackson because he is trying pretty hard to copy the late King of Pop.  I have to say that this is a pretty silly attempt at making a heartfelt world peace anthem.  It comes off very forced and fake.  R. Kelly's verse is very weird.  The cursing does not help the message one bit. Lloyd needs to stick to sexy slow jams.  This kinda song is obviously not for him.  I discussed above about Lloyd not having a specific persona.  This song gives another view of Lloyd that just add up with the rest of them.  He really needs to pick who he wants to be and be portrayed as.  Keri Hilson does not help the song at all.  The "da da da's" at the end just make the song seem more silly and senseless.

Overall Thoughts: (3/5)

This album is really Lloyd breaking away and becoming free from The Inc.  He had a chance to create a completely new type of record and to establish himself as a real star.  I can see this in certain songs, but the album as a whole does not convey this.  The album has its good songs, but it has an equal number of disasters.  The worst of all comes from his odd world peace anthem, "World Crys."  I actually have a little advice for Lloyd.  He needs to go in a completely new direction.  Lloyd needs to record many more pop and radio friendly songs such as "Angel" and stop trying to be a hip hop star.  It just isn't going to happen.

Songs To Download:

You 2

Songs To Avoid:

Dedication To My Ex (Miss That)
World Crys

Worth The Money?

It is worth the money to purchase certain songs, but not the album as a whole.

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