Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Album Review - Selena Gomez & The Scene, "When The Sun Goes Down."

Track by Track:

1. Love You Like A Love Song - (4/5)

Selena Gomez & The Scene start off their third album with a mid-tempo 80's dance song.  I really like this song.  The lyrics are very catchy and sing-songy.  The highlight of the song comes with the bridge where the song is slowed down.  Selena smooth vocals slide over the beautiful melodies in the hook.  The song also plays with dub-step which was recently brought to the forefront of music by Pop Princess Britney Spears.  This should be released as a single.

2. Bang Bang Bang - (3/5)

This continues in the same vein as the first song.  It is very 80's with a flashy synth which is quite addictive.  The main hindrance of this song is the quite boring chorus and hook.  It would have been much better to have a bigger chorus which could have built from the verses.  The highlight of this song is once again the bridge.  I like the song somewhat, but it seems to be a reject from Britney Spears' current album, "Femme Fatale."

3. Who Says - (2.5/5)

Next up is the album's debut single.  It is quite a departure from the other songs on the album.  "Who Says" is a lot like Selena's previous singles.  It is an easy sing-along, bubblegum pop anthem for young girls.  What I can't get over is the fact that the album's first two songs sound nothing like this one.  So much for a "full" album.  It annoys me when artists change their whole style of music just to have a single.

4. We Own The Night featuring Pixie Lot - (2/5)

My first thought is that this is a very interesting collaboration.  This song also goes back to the pop/rock feel of her first two albums.  It is very bubblegum and destined to be the second official single.  The mood of the song is very chill, but it quickly becomes quite boring.  It will not appeal to a mass audience, but Selena's pre-teen fans will most likely know all of the words.

5. Hit The Lights - (4/5)

The title had me hoping for a dance-pop club banger.  I was very upset when I heard the beginning of the song, but my mood turned around after I heard the chorus.  It is a more serious very of a Ke$ha song which is a compliment.  Selena is much more reserved than Ke$ha on her fun, pop anthems.  This is very much positive considering the age of Selena's fans.  I would have to consider this song one of my favorites on the album.  It shows growth for Selena as an artist.

6. Whiplash - (4.5/5)

I have been comparing songs from this album to songs from Britney Spears' latest album, "Femme Fatale," in this review.  It is because their styles are fairly similar when it comes to these newer albums.  I now understand why after reading the credits for this song.  "Whiplash" was actually co-written by the Pop Princess herself.  Britney rarely writes, but she is written all over this song.  It is very classic and current Britney.  Selena sounds great on the track.  She has a Britney inspired sexy tone to her voice in this song.  I have not heard Selena like this before, but it seems like it is a very big step in the direction of becoming a mature recording artist.  She is treading her toes and slowly transitioning.  Hollywood Records is probably very cautious after Miley Cyrus' very mature album failed to generate much of a buzz.  This song has the possibility to become a crossover hit for Selena.  *Suggestion: Get Britney Spears on a remix of this song!!!  That will guarantee a top 10 spot for the song!*

7. When The Sun Goes Down - (4/5)

This is another Ke$ha/Britney Spears inspired dance/pop song.  I can see this song being a pretty big summer hit for Selena.  A beach themed music video would really set this song in the right direction.  This song is making me like this album a lot more.  It is again a transitional song which isn't too much of a stretch.

8. My Dilemma - (4.5/5)

This song's driving beat hooked me immediately.  The lyrics are very relatable for Selena's middle school-aged fans.  It is a catchy tune which makes you want more.

9. The More I Like It - (4/5)

It is getting much harder to critique these songs because they just get better and better.  I can already tell that Selena will gain a lot of new fans with this record.

10. Outlaw - (4/5)

When I first saw this title, I immediately thought of Britney Spears' soon-to-be single, "Criminal."  Selena's team obviously is looking to Britney's latest album as a model for this one.  The song starts off with an intriguing beat which sucks you in at first listen.  My only complaint is that the chorus does not much the magical sounding verses.

11. Middle Of Nowhere - (3.5/5)

Another bumping dance/pop beat with catchy lyrics.  I wonder if Selena will perform these songs with dance routines.  Not quite as good as the others which are much more current.  This is an odd mix of dance and pop/rock.

Overall Thoughts: (3.5/5)

This album is a fun dance/pop album that Selena's fan will eat up!  I also think she is going to gain quite a few new fans because of this album.  It goes right with the dance/pop trends of the moment which work in it's favor.  This album is a great step in the mature direction for Selena Gomez.  She and her record label are being very careful with her transition though.  This is the smartest thing they can do after Miley Cyrus's failed attempt at being a mature recording artist. - Jonathan

Songs To Download:

Love You Like A Love Song
Hit The Lights

Songs To Avoid:

Who Says
We Own The Night featuring Pixie Lot

Worth The Money:

This album is worth the money.  It is an easygoing and fun summer listen.

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